TeamFirst is a group of friends who are living out their passion of teaching soccer and life skills to kids across the country.

It just so happens that these friends are NCAA Champions, World Cup Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Hall of Famers.

But you would never know it and that is not what they are most proud of. They are most proud of the fact that they did everything they could to make their TEAM better. They were humble and selfless and they celebrated their teammates successes even more than their own. They also had more FUN than anyone thought was possible.

They continue to work hard, play hard, and laugh hard. They want to share this message with as many kids as they can. What can I give to this team, what can I do for this team? NOT what am I going to get out of this or what’s in it for me?





Mia Hamm is one of the best women’s soccer players of all time with 158 goals & 144 assists. She is the most prolific goal scorer ever, having represented her country 275 times since making the U.S National Team at age 15. As a 17 year National Team veteran, Mia played in 3 Olympic Games and 4 World Cups.




Kristine Lilly is the most decorated women’s soccer player of all time. With 352 caps, she has the most international appearance in the history of the sport for men or woman. She scored 130 goals and had 105 assists since making the U.S National Team at age 16. As a 23 year National Team veteran, Kristine played in 3 Olympic Games and 5 World Cups.





Tisha Venturini Hoch is perhaps the winningest team player in the history of women’s soccer. She scored 44 goals and represented her country 132 times since making the U.S National Team. As a 9 year National Team veteran, Tisha played in 1 Olympic Games and 2 World Cups.

  • Adrian Crespo, VP Express

    “One of the best decisions our club has ever made was to hosting the Team First Soccer Academy Camp. The impact did not only affect Houston Express, the shockwaves were felt by the entire Houston soccer community and 300 female athletes came together to play alongside the legends. The camp was well organized, motivational and lived up to all of the hype. Our biggest challenge has been trying to get on the Team First Camp calendar for next year!”

  • Oliver Germond, Fresno City College Head Women’s Soccer Coach

    Team First Soccer Academy is an amazing camp; the best experience of my soccer career. The lessons taught by Mia, Tish and Kristine are so valuable and a reminder of how much fun the game of soccer is. Being able to learn from three of the best soccer players of all time is an experience of a life time that teaches kids about passion, fun, skills and learning how to compete at a high level. I highly recommend it!

  • Shane Carew, Soccer Consulting USA

    “The Team First Camp is an absolutely tremendous opportunity for young female soccer players! The high quality curriculum, attention to detail, unique message, and energy that the staff bring create an experience that I have not seen at any other camp. It creates an atmosphere of success that rubs off onto the campers . I think every camper would agree that we would love to have them back next year.”