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Combined they have 5 Olympic gold medals, 5 World Cup Championships, and 12 NCAA Titles. In the history of competitive soccer, they are second to none because they put TEAMFIRST.



Nike T-shirt, Nike Soccer Ball, Camp Team Picture, Autographed player card by Mia, Kristine and Tisha


What can a participant expect? The players can expect to get specific instruction along with demonstrations. They will be expected to work hard, have fun, and play with a love and respect for the game! We expect them to come out of the camp a more knowledgeable soccer player with the passion do always do their best, for themselves and for their teammates!

What they will get out of camp? Exactly what they put in. They will be surrounded by incredible athletes willing to share their knowledge and experience about soccer and life. We hope they come to learn, work, compete, and have fun! This is an incredible opportunity to be trained by three experienced, elite athletes who have incredible passion for the game and for sharing this passion with young girls everywhere. Come and soak it up!


Do you have a typical agenda for the camp? Be a personality – 1v1 mentality, be a playmaker – finding ways to get people or finding the free man or space, be a factor- make a difference, whether it is finding someone to get it, switching the field or getting yourself in or just making an impact in the game defensively

What can a participant expect? Expect to be challenged, taught to go after it, taught to want to be the best, and hear from the best what it takes to be the best

What they will get out of camp? They will get a competitive environment, game situations, fun and take home materials to do on their own….

Knowledge. Intensity. Integrity. Teamwork.