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Who We Are

During age-appropriate, three-hour training sessions, Hamm, Lilly, and Venturini-Hoch will promote team play over individual achievement and instill the disciplines that made them three of the most successful players in the game’s history. And chalk up an assist to an elite staff of soccer coaches and players who’ve walked the walk and talk the talk. Academy attendees will not only be schooled in the world-class training disciplines of soccer; they’ll be encouraged to respect the integrity of the game.

“Throughout our careers, we were incredibly lucky to have high-character, world-class coaches at our disposal,” said Lilly. “Having that kind of knowledge and experience available to us at young ages laid the foundations for our success.”

Building these foundations within the Team First environment is a great way to prepare for future challenges, according to the most prolific goal scorer of all time: “I’m motivated to share my passion and love for the game,” added Hamm. “But more than that, I want to help young girls cultivate a sense of self-worth that will help them reach their full potential in life. I want them to understand that personal growth and team success are not mutually exclusive.”

Our philosophy revolves around 3 key characteristics on the field: be-a-logo

Personality creates a player that knows how to excel individually but still be a team player. Playmakers play unselfishly and create for themselves and their teammates. When you become a factor on the field, you make a difference for yourself and for your team.

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